In "meeting Seattle in Beijing", Frank touched Wen Jiajia. It was his "moistening things silently" in ordinary days. She talked about his love for himself, and her eyes were full of affection. "He may not take me to a yacht for French food, but he can run several streets for me every morning to buy my favorite soybean milk and oil sticks." Love does not, marriage inevitably languid, dull and busy life sometimes makes people bored. In trivial days, these little expressions of love are not pretentious, they are not, they are the proof of love flowing between husband and wife, they are the lubricant for the happiness of marriage to go on. In marriage, the expression of love is to let the other party understand that you are maintaining a relationship with your heart and managing the two people's days with your heart. Even if life in the day-to-day insipidity is slowly polished off the light, you can also let the trivial, full of long feeling confession. Movie, candlelight dinner or two people's travel, which is not material, but a love of life, the value of each other. The meaning of a lifetime together is not only the vows spoken at the wedding, but also the support, loyalty and many. No matter how strong the feelings are, no matter how happy the marriage is, if you don't know how to manage it and don't have the protection of love, you will be wiped out by the trivial life. Many people are afraid of getting married because they are afraid that everything will be smoothed out by time. But in fact, as long as both husband and wife are attentive enough, they can make trivial days vivid. If you no longer feel the passion in your marriage life, don't worry about divorce first. You may as well fall in love again.